I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a cousin.
I am a scrapbooker.
I have always been artistic, it just took me a while to find my outlet. I sew, needlepoint, and draw. I also enjoy cooking and baking. I have dabbled in scrapbooking since high school by adding memorabilia to my pictures, but something was still missing.
I found modern scrapbooking after our first daughter was born and I have not looked back. I really do hope that someday, my children look at my scrapbooks and really get who I am and how much I love them. Within the last few years, I've been introduced to mixed media and well, the world will never be the same.
My husband of 12 years and I have two sweet little girls, aged 9 and 3. They are funny, sassy, sometimes naughty, silly, gorgeous, loving, bright, often cheerful, diva-esque little princesses, and they are the lights of my life. I am lucky to be married to my best friend; I swear, I love him more every day. In real life, I am a portrait and wedding photographer, but my true loves are all at home. :)
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


was talking with my darling kt via aim tonight and remembered when we dressed evie in hot pink hi top chuck taylors for a year, year and a half. she must have had 4 or 5 pairs of those cute little sneakers. i was so bummed when i couldn't find the right size/color combo anymore. now i am determined to look for them again! 3 years later, i'm a lot more confident about online shopping so i say BRING IT ON!

here ya go kt

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i just thought you should know that we had marmalized pork chops last night. apparently, this is the kind of dish you get when you apply orange marmalade to said pork chops. evie proudly told me that her and daddy are "gonna marmalize that porkie!" and had to show me her prized jar of orange marmalade that they had to go to the store to purchase to effect said marmalization.
i love that she's taken an interest in cooking--it's so much easier to get a 5 year old to actually eat her dinner when she's helped to make it. amazing.
the amount of talking she can produce is truly astounding. non stop. if she's not talking, she's singing. she sings while she goes potty. she sings while she gets dressed. she sings to her babies. it takes her an hour to eat her dinner because there has to be some sort of comment interjected between bites.
she loves infomercials. she tried to bargain with me at michael's last week. "mama, if i don't buy this yo yo ball and this sword, will you buy me this mighty putty?" she can quote them. aqua globes are still her favorite, although she loves mighty putty, the slider station, and sham WOW.
a new scrapbook layout: (yes, that's pretty much all i do in my spare time)

this was for a challenge on scrapbook.com i'm participating in, a 10 week extravaganza called the scraptathlon. week 2's challenge was to create a layout about your breakfast: routine, ritual (or lack thereof) or must have food. i've been wanting to do this layout for a while--i so appreciate all the little things andy does for me. you're a good man, charlie brown. ;)

Monday, January 12, 2009

just realized that i haven't uploaded this :D it was done for a challenge to use very holiday themed papers and embellishments for a layout having nothing to do with said holiday. it was fun!

my weekend's work

had some good mojo this weekend and kept up with the scrapping! i was working with the soon to be release commit2paper january kit, which was bo bunny beau jardin. very pretty paper, i had lots of fun cutting it up and otherwise distressing it!

in other news, this sinus infection again is kicking my ass. i could barely function sunday and today wasn't much better. andy was sweet and took me to the doctor's office. the doc put me on a heavy duty antibiotic and told me that if it didn't take care of it this time, he would refer me to a specialist. the congestion isn't so bad in my nose and chest but i am having blinding heachaches and very sharp, severe pain around my left eye when i cough, sneeze... it'll get better.
we made pot roast for dinner tonight and got to enjoy dinner and a show. i'm very proud of myself though, i actually didn't lose my temper this time. i think i finally may have a punishment that might work for her. i told her that if she doesn't want to eat her dinner, that's fine but 1) that's it for tonight, there is nothing else to be served and 2) she can put her plate in the kitchen and very nicely and calmly go upstairs, put her jammies on and spend the rest of the evening in her room. she hates playing by herself. actually, she hates the IDEA of playing by herself. once she's up there and finds one of her gazillion toys to play with, she's fine. so we'll give it a try.
here's a good one--evie had a sleepover this last weekend and what did mom and dad do? yeah, that's right--we went grocery shopping. oh, how sad. dinner and a movie? nope. hot monkey love? nope. almost 3 hours and over $350 in grocery shopping, baby. yeah.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

back to work?

Monday was back to work after 2 weeks off and it was ROUGH. Busy, busy, busy! The boss decided to merge the Howell office with ours and so we've been sorting, organizing and just trying to make it all work. I've tried to help the Corunna office get caught up from some things that should have been done before Christmas. In the meantime, I'm getting waaaay behind in the wedding department; I really should buckle down and pump out some albums this week. Le sigh.
I plan to have some scrap time this weekend; I need to finish up my DT requirements for the ever so wonderful Commit2Paper kit and I'd like to work on a challenge or two that I've signed up for.
I go back and forth on the craft space issue. I use our "dining room"--trying to put all my stuff in a little cabinet and get it off the table in time for dinner. I can have the basement if I want it but then I'll be lonely. Boo. But but but! Then I'll have practically unlimited space, a larger area to scrap with and I should be able to leave the Cricut and sewing machine set up all the time. Hmm. I think I need to move downstairs. So I guess tomorrow I need to start cleaning, organizing and throwing away. ;)
That is, of course, assuming that my nose stops running long enough. Let me tell you, I look HAWT with Kleenex shoved up my nostrils, my mouth hanging open so I can breath and nice big black circles under my swollen and puffy eyes. Gotta love a good cold. :D
And so, my dear friends, I leave you with this:

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Scrapping away!

We were able to take an extended vacation this year; both of us had two weeks off from work. We spent about 10 days at the in-laws in Maryland and then the rest, of course, at home. I have been a scrapping fool, finishing a massive (and heretofore unheard of!) 7 layouts!!

Our Christmas was pretty uneventful and very fulfilling. We were able to see most of Andy's family on this visit, which was a wonderful change. Christmas Day brought the annual brunch, which Mom hosted this year. We made the most wonderful apple cinnamon french toast; the french bread soaked up the custard all night long. Mom also had a new recipe for a quick spinach pie that turned out divine, I'll totally be making a new one of those very very soon! The following Sunday, the other half of the family came over for a tasty ham dinner and gift exchange. Evie had a lot of fun playing with little Lucas. He's so big! We also made it out to see O'ma several times and got to spend a lot of time with Andy's brother and the other guys. :)
New Year's was pretty uneventful since we drove home New Year's Eve. I had plans for a scrappy sleepover with my friend Melissa and Andy was kind enough to drop me off (don't get me started about the cars...I really don't know what we're going to do in the long run with one car).

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm here!!

I'm here! Stay with me as I begin adding and personalizing. :D